Invest in Our People is a volunteer initiative led by a Quebec collective that brings together local media with the support of local citizens. The collective’s aim is to consider the best actions to implement to ensure our industry’s sustainability and to raise citizens’ and companies’ awareness on the importance of supporting local talent and the ways in which we are each positioned to do so.

Our Objectives

If all the driving forces: agencies, advertisers, publishers (web, newspapers, magazines, radio, TV, etc.) and citizens are made aware of how simple actions like subscribing to their preferred media (by email or with a paid subscription) or consistently allocating a portion of advertising investments to local media, regardless of the type, then we will have taken an important collective step

Explore and promote local media

We have seen how digital has broken down the barriers between different formats (weekly and daily papers, magazines, radio, web publishers, TV, etc.) and that there is no comprehensive, reliable and free reference to give the general public and local advertisers a clear picture of the local digital media outlets, even though they are so ubiquitous and have an important role in all aspects of our lives.

Build bridges of communication, innovation and exchange among industry actors.

Rally media outlets, advertisers and platforms around the objective of innovating, exchanging and preparing actions that will support economic recovery and local advertisers.

Raise community awareness and encourage individuals to support local media.

Our objective is to propose various actions that we can each implement to support our local industry and people.

Key Figures


Digital investment accounts for 59% of all advertising expenses.

The shift to digital has only accelerated in the last few years, and it is highly likely that it will continue on this trajectory, particularly with the arrival of voice assistants and artificial intelligence.


Local agencies and advertisers only allocate 14% of their online advertising budgets to digital media from Quebec.

Receiving a higher proportion of these budgets would help local media stimulate innovation and create quality content, which are fundamental to a healthy, relevant industry that connects with our society.


25% of internet users use an ad blocker, denying Quebec media sites potential revenues.

Ad blockers also have little impact on international platforms, further emphasizing their disadvantage to local publishers. In short, the use of ad blockers has little added value to users and none to content creators and the media.


More traffic, less revenue for our media.

The coronavirus crisis has had a significant impact on digital media consumption in Canada. Comscore Canada has noted up to a 52% increase in page views on Canadian sites.

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