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Course Introduction

Explore the ecosystem surrounding your ad campaign through each of the 9 dimensions of paid marketing to up your game and increase your digital advertising skills. This free course is divided into 8 videos that will show you how to use and adapt each dimension to reach your goal and create a performant strategy. 

Lesson 1 > The 9 Dimensions of Online Advertising

Understand in which ecosystem you’re playing and dive deeper into the details of digital marketing. This video goes over its 9 dimensions so that you can better understand and manage them to fit your needs. You will learn how and why they should be perfectly aligned with your goals to create successful ad campaigns. 

Duration : 14 min 35 sec

Lesson 2 >Online Campaign Objectives

Determine your digital marketing goals on 3 levels: awareness, engagement and direct response. There is a big difference between a prospect who doesn’t know you and one who’s ready to buy, so you must adapt your goal and message accordingly. We’ll show you the rules to determine your objectives and thus optimize your investment. 

Duration : 14 min 51 sec

Lesson 3 > Online Advertising Success Metrics

Understand which data will help you achieve your goals and the changes to make along the way. Know that you can always end a digital advertising campaign with a better performance than was originally planned, by getting to know better the different metrics and which one to use according to your objectives. 

Duration : 21 min 19 sec

Lesson 4 >Online Advertising Pricing Models & Ad Format Types

In this video, we’ll cover two other dimensions of paid marketing: pricing models and ad format types. Define the best pricing model for your objective and unravel useful but mysterious terms such as CPI, CPM and CPA. We will also explore the different ad formats as well as the most important factors to consider for your digital advertising campaign. 

Duration : 13 min 02 sec

Lesson 5 > Online Editorial Environments & Platforms 

An online advertising campaign must absolutely take into account the context, meaning the editorial environment and technological platform on which it will be displayed. By understanding the specifics of each of these elements, you will be better positioned to adapt your ad campaign and therefore get better results.  

Duration : 13 min 51 sec

Lesson 6 >Online Ad Targeting Options

You can combine more than one targeting option. However, they are not all compatible with each other, nor are they all good for all objectives. In this video, you’ll learn how to define and control the ideal frequency cap of your ad campaign as well as contextual, geographic, and demographic targeting parameters. 

Duration : 14 min 23 sec

Lesson 7 > Online Ad Creative

Let us show you the core elements that make a good and efficient creative. Tailor your ad campaign to your target and play around with text, images and color settings to reach your goal. We’ll also talk about the importance of testing different options to refine your results. Catch the attention of your viewers with a beautiful visual, be clear, concise and perform! 

Duration : 14 min 50 sec

Lesson 8 > The Landing Page

This last video addresses the end point of your online advertising campaign: the landing page. We will tell you the do’s and don’ts, what it should contain and what to avoid, how to test and what to change in order to get the best results. To conclude this course, the most important is to set a good objective, take a step back and analyze the results to adjust them. 

Duration : 13 min 09 sec

Course X-Ray
Instructor Bio.
Samuel Parent

Samuel Parent is a Digital marketing specialist and consultant. He is a generalist of most digital marketing, communications and advertising possibilities.

President of Titan Interactive since 2004, his consultancy firm, he offers training, digital media buying, social media management, competitive digital market studies and an audit in interactive communications. 

Samuel has a bachelor’s in Commerce with a major in marketing from Concordia University. He can count on 25 years of experience in marketing agencies, in media sales and long experience with various associations: BPIQ, PCM, IAB Canada and Réseau APCM.


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