Release notes

The technical documentation created and published in conjunction with the launch of a new software product or a product upgrade is referred to as a release note.

Version 1.5.2 – May 2023


We are pleased to introduce version 1.5.2, which focuses on resolving various bugs to enhance the user experience. This release addresses multiple issues and implements improvements to the system interface. Please find below a detailed list of the bugs fixed in this release.



  • SELF-1622 | Change text in the "Select your audience" box. The text in the "Select your audience" box has been updated per the required changes.
  • SELF-1617 |reset_campaign no longer called on Draft/Rejected campaign load from the homepage. The issue causing reset_campaign not to be called when loading Draft/Rejected campaigns from the homepage has been resolved.
  • SELF-1610 | Changing the language in the Selfserve UI resets all the forms. Changing the language in the Selfserve UI will no longer reset all the forms.
  • SELF-1605| CampaignBuildType is not saved for Draft/Rejected Campaigns. The CampaignBuildType now saves correctly for Draft/Rejected Campaigns.
  • SELF-1593| Error when trying to modify a draft campaign. The error occurs when attempting to modify a draft campaign has been resolved.
  • SELF-1591| Campaign rejected for a few days - Creatives and rejected message disappear. The bug causing the disappearance of creatives and rejected messages when a campaign is rejected for a few days has been fixed.
  • SELF-1581| Improved performance for listing advertisers in M32 Portal. Performance improvements have been made to enhance the listing of advertisers in the M32 Portal.

Version 1.5.1 – March 2023


We are excited to announce a significant campaign budget management system update in this release. This update enables optimizing campaign delivery and performance based on the total budget. Furthermore, we have implemented various improvements to the user interface and system interface to enhance the overall user experience and fix multiple bugs.



  • SELF-1534 | Major update to campaign algorithm, enabling the switch from daily budget to campaign budget optimization.


  • SELF-1454 | New feature allowing publishers to customize the name "Centre Publicitaire" or "Ad Center".

  • SELF-1558 | Improvements made to welcome email text.

  • SELF-1561 | Minor improvements made to the budget tiles.


  • SELF-1262 | Improved guidance for the campaign visualization screen.

  • SELF-1527 | Introducing a new feature to cap invoices to the booked budget if a campaign over-delivers and is not based on delivered impressions.

  • SELF-1556| Improvement made to map the status of archived campaigns.

Version 1.5.0 – February 2023


In this release note, we have delivered a redesigned login process and architecture to provide a more robust and agile experience for both users and publishers. As part of this update, we removed the 2-level authentication to reduce user friction. Additionally, we have implemented several enhancements to the user interface and interface to improve the overall user experience and address multiple bugs. In addition to the above changes, we have also enabled users to update various fields within their accounts, including the ability to change passwords. This feature allows users to easily manage their account information and maintain the security of their login credentials.



  • SELF-1471 | Update advertiser preferences in {MyAccount}.


  • SELF-848 | My Account - Change Password
  • SELF-1189 | Ability to edit - basic settings - My account page.
  • SELF-1454 | Be able to customize the name "Centre Publicitaire" or "Ad Center."
  • SELF-1475 | Add model/service for editing Account Settings and make form editable.
  • SELF-1485 | Do not display the language field on the Details Form for Advertisers with only one language.
  • SELF-1491 | Create New Password Reset Tab/Page in Account Settings Menu


  • SELF-381 | Visual Password Validation

  • SELF-755 | My Account Page update

  • SELF-1458 | Missing FR translation in My Account for Advertiser Type

  • SELF-1487 | The wrong Line item was selected for the ad server status comparison.

  • SELF-1505 | My Account calls are not working after a specific sequence.

  • SELF-1510| The session lacks language when we get to the login screen from the email link.

  • SELF-1511 | English reset my password - Redirecting to the French page.

  • SELF-1516 | Spelling mistakes - Account creation.

  • SELF-1517 | Translation to adjust - email confirmation.

  • SELF-1521 | My account - Modify password is enabled.

  • SELF-1526 | Able to upload a gif that is more than 1 MB.

  • SELF-1470 | List error codes for UI integration.

  • SELF-1472 | Update preferences sequence.

Version 1.4.1 – October 2022


This release contains some minor bug fixes and miscellaneous improvements. Discover the upload your creatives feature by watching our videos.


  • SELF-1395 | Upload your creatives - Not necessary to test the URL once we remove a size.

  • SELF-1394 | Deleted campaign notification - Publisher UI.

  • SELF-1393 | Missing audience on the publisher UI

  • SELF-1388 | Upload your creatives - Problem when we remove a format.

  • SELF-1387 | Missing a word - Create your campaign.

  • SELF-1383 | Empty notifications - Publisher UI - Campaign modification.

  • SELF-1382 | Advertiser UI doesn't refresh when a ready campaign is deleted.

  • SELF-1378 | Message written when we approve a campaign doesn't show in the email.

  • SELF-1377 | Old test campaigns stuck in the ended campaign - publisher UI.

  • SELF-1376 | French term adjustment.

  • SELF-1372 | Build your creative - Color selection - Wrong text.

  • SELF-1371 | Update a logo field is optional but has a "mandatory star".

  • SELF-1362 | When a user unselects a size on the creatives page, it deletes the image details information.

  • SELF-1283 | Publisher UI doesn't refresh if a modification doesn't generate a notification.

  • SELF-1183 | Geo-targeting - "Please select" missing translation.

  • SELF-1139 | Self Invoices don’t have their storage reference updated when the parent campaign is archived or deleted.

  • SELF-1085 | Archived campaigns not available - Publisher UI.

  • SELF-1078 | Replace the \[Close\] button once we create an account.

  • SELF-1045 | English titles in modify campaign screen.

  • SELF-1036 | Not able to delete pending approval campaign that is in the past.


    • SELF-1396 | Notifications that are not rendered need to be consumed automatically – PublisherUI.

    • SELF-1392 | Disable the possibility to click on notification - Advertiser and Publisher UI.

    • SELF-1391| SiteCohort string not rendering correctly.

    • SELF-1381 |Upload your creatives - Add text, 2nd step.

    • SELF-1379 | Send a notification to a publisher when a Ready campaign is deleted.

    • SELF-1268 | Add a `CampaignFinished` event notification and email.

    • SELF-1207| Cleanup notifications with old format from GCS.

    • SELF-394 | Change default order from Campaign List endpoints based on Creation date.

Version 1.4.0 – September 2022


In addition to fixing various bugs. This release contains an important update that includes the addition of a new campaign option: Upload your creatives. Watch our videos.


  • 1275 | Unlike the Advertiser UI, the Publisher UI does not reload the Campaign lists when receiving notifications.


  • 1311 | Manage payment failures
  • 1294 | Upload your own creatives


    • 1340 | Cropper needs exact dimensions for Creative Uploads
    • 1331 | New Mobile formats for uploading your creative - new feature
    • 1325 | Urgent Payment Failure Tag visually blocks campaign tags behind it
    • 1324| Add Select/Deselect checkboxes on Creative Previews Modal
    • 1323| Filter Creative Previews Modal to show only selected Formats
    • 1322| Add Cropper for selected Dimensions in Upload Your Creative Form
    • 1321| Hide/Show Image Upload fields for selected Formats from previous Details Form
    • 1320| New Ad Format Selector Field
    • 1309| Listen to payment completed for out-of-bound operations in Stripe
    • 1289| Send an email and notification to the publisher when a payment failure is resolved
    • 1266| Create a `Payment Completed` notification and email template
    • 1236| Handle multiple payment failures at the same time
    • 1180| Compress & re-size an image
    • 1141| Proof Of Concept (POC) - Upload your own creative

Version 1.3.0 – Juin 2022


This release was a significant push with more than 100 tickets, outside of correcting urgent issues and bugs. We primarily concentrated on improving the emails and alerts for both publishers and advertisers. As our platform emphasizes the importance of privacy and confidentiality, we are also introducing "Delete my account" as a new feature.


  • 931 |   Publisher notifications updates and enhancement
  • 1076 | Ended campaign not available if no invoice is created
  • 1170 | Image file saved in GCS doesn't have the correct content-type
  • 1172 | Notification Texts, Translations and Emails updates
  • 1221 | Campaign with a payment issue - Can't be found in publisher UI
  • 1224 | Invoice ready fails for Campaigns with Status: "UpdatePaymentFailure"
  • 1237 | Blank file when opening an invoice
  • 1248 | My account page regression and enhancements
  • 1250 | Distinguishing the province of Quebec vs Quebec City in the drop menu
  • 1251 | Enhancing the Email delivery mechanism
  • 1253 | Missing Advertiser email when a campaign is modified and submitted again
  • 1254 | Delete account texts modifications and email
  • 1257 | Not able to create an account with special characters
  • 1259 | The close button on the confirmation screen is not optimized
  • 1271 | Deleting my account for other publishers logs me out of the current ad center
  • 1280 | We get logged out when creating a new account
  • 1281 | Notifications emails title - update
  • 1282 | "Hi" instead of "Bonjour" - Account creation email for an anglophone user
  • 1286 | The home button is not clickable when the user is on my account page
  • 1288 | The modal window won't close when we click on delete my account


  • 818 |   Update The industry List - A more simplified view
  • 1203 | Archive all active orders - Processor


  • 751 |   New Feature - Campaign Approval - Approval / Rejection email
  • 758 |   New Feature - Campaign submission - Email to send
  • 1142 | New Feature - Delete my account - new feature
  • 1179 | Adjusting the maximum budget refresh
  • 1181 | New Feature - the Publishers can implement our RSS feed to keep their FAQs up to date
  • 1215 | Add translations for the Delete Account page
  • 1228 | Create an Email Sender Processor
  • 1234 | Campaign Information not Visible on Archived Campaigns
  • 1241 | New Email Templates
  • 1242 | Add Confirmation Modal to Delete Account Page
  • 1245 | Publisher Comment Text Box in Campaign Modal remains in a state between different campaigns
  • 1258 | Remove legacy fetchGeotargeting call from Summary component
  • 1276 | Set the default frequency cap to none

Version 1.2.14 – April 2022



  • 1220 | Not able to have access to the geo campaign review
  • 1187 | Update the footer links in English - Create an account page
  • 1133 | On the French version: Nom de compagnie - Lien politique de confidentialité
  • 1224 | Invoice ready fails for campaigns with status: “UpdatePaymentFailure”
  • 1188 | Preferred language was added to my account page
  • 1134 | On the French version: replace “plate-forme” by “plateforme


  • 1164 | On the french version: “Procéder à l'Inscription” - should be lowercase i.
  • 1132 | Replace “!” by a “.” after "en un rien de temps."
  • 1167 | On the french version : add a ? after “vous n’avez pas encore de compte »
  • 1166 | On the french version : « Termes et Conditions” should have lowercase t and c
  • 1165 | The first 2 lines of the splash page should have the same size
  • 1130 | In the French version: replace “adresse e-mail” by “adresse courriel”
  • 1129 | In the French version: change the ellipsis by a period after “pas de panique
  • 1128 | On the French version: “Créer un Compte » should take a lowercase c


  • 1219 | Update to the DEMO environment setup
  • 1223 | Clone campaign in archives is not functional due to conflicting GeoTarget data

Version 1.2.13 - March 2022

The unveiling of my account page enhanced geo search, and image consent, along with a slew of other tweaks and bug fixes, are the highlights of this version.


  • 1168 | Not able to create a user if there are numbers in the company name
  • 1161| Bug fix - image right box
  • 1150 Error when asking for authorization
  • 1149 Error 500 when asking for a forecast
  • 1148 | Error 500 when clicking on create a new campaign with Safari browser
  • 1147 | My account page - CPI missing $ sign
  • 1146| My account page - Grammar updates
  • 1145 | My account page - Wrong billing threashold
  • 1143 | Limit the image weight to 1 MO max
  • 1124 |  English URL - code validation is in French
  • 1121 | Translation missing - English login page
  • 1099 | User not able to finalize account creation - Character limit problem
  • 972 Advertiser values hardcoded


  • 1126 |  Publisher's Terms Page
  • 997 GCP Setup scripts
  • 235 | Implement the Country tree selector


  • 1125| Remove the "Self-Serve Campaign" on the invoice
  • 1113 | Hex Validation required  to show correct colours client side
  • 1098 | New Data Required for US geo-targeting for new TreeSelector in campaign creation
  • 1093 |DatePicker causing a crash 

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