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Advertising Campaigns with ChatGPT and M32

Say goodbye to tedious and time-consuming ad campaign creation with M32 Ad-Center and ChatGPT. Our powerful AI engine and local publisher platform will help you quickly and easily create display ads for any product or service you offer. Streamline your ad campaign process and focus on what matters for your business with M32 Ad-Center and ChatGPT.”

Create Eye-Catching Online Ads

Compelling visual content is central to a successful online advertising campaign. Banner ads are a key element that should not be overlooked, as they are the first touchpoint between you and your target customers.

Marketing Calendar

Planning for important events or selecting ideal dates for one is no easy task: you have to comb through different websites looking for holidays, celebration months, etc., to choose those that best match your business and clientele… It’s all very time-consuming! To help you out, we present the elements to consider during your event search. 

Pause, Stop or Modify a Campaign

First, you created a campaign on an Ad Center, and it is now running in accordance with the settings you defined. As a good marketing manager, you monitor its progression and performance, so you’re ready to react when needed. Congratulations, you’ve got it all figured out!

Create an advertising campaign

As business owners and operators, we want potential customers to know about our company. That’s natural! Ad campaigns help spread the word. However, advertising might not be your area of expertise and if this is all new to you, it’s important to first understand the basics.

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