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Advertising Example—Mechanic & Auto Services

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How to create an online ad for Auto Services

It happens twice a year, every year!

It is both a legal obligation and a must to ensure the safety and comfort of all drivers.

As you know, it is necessary to change your tires depending on the season. Often, customers also need to purchase new tires for winter or summer when their current tires have reached the end of their lifespan.

As garage owners or car dealers, these busy times are an excellent opportunity to launch targeted advertising campaigns. Your goals could be to: remind customers of their legal obligation, promote a specific offer to attract new clientele, clear a particular inventory of tire, encourage drivers to book their appointments early to maximize your bookings as well as your staff’s productivity, etc.

Be strategic in planning your ads and time the advertising campaign wisely. Choosing good visuals and a compelling text will draw attention to your ad and make potential clients reach out to learn more.

Here are important dates in Québec:

  • From December 1st to March 15th inclusively, all motorized road vehicles registered in Québec must be equipped with winter tires.

We’ve also put together some useful tips to help you create your ad, as well as some inspiring examples!

Global Ingredients

Before building an ad, please make sure that you have all the rights to use any image, logo or content for commercial purposes. 


To build an Adon any M32 Ad Centers, you need seven ingredients. Click on any item below to find more info about each one. 

Your lead message, or ad headline, should express your main message for your audience in 50 characters maximum. This piece comes first as you’ll be building your ad around this primary message. 

The lead image has a dimension of 300 pixels (width) by 200 pixels (height). We strongly recommend using your own picturesrepresenting your products or services. However, if you don’t have any relevant images, you can use external services such as: 

Your logo must be at least 300 x 130 pixels (width x height). Ideally, your logo should have a transparent background, for better visual results. If you don’t have a logo with a transparent background already, you can learn how to create one in the following video:  

 Alternatively, you can use online services to build a logo for free, such as:  

Your can include a secondary message, used as your ad description, with a text of 75 characters maximum.

Please note that this content will not be visible on the 728×90banner. 

The call to action is very important as this is how you invite potential clients or members. It should be clear and short (maximum 25 characters). 

Here are some suggestions :  

  • Sign up now
  • Subscribe now
  • Try for free
  • Get started now
  • Learn more
  • Join us
  • Book now
  • 50% off buy now
  • Make a reservation
  • Contact us now
  • Book an appointment

The harmony of colors is a science and an art that allows the final rendering of your Ad looks at its best. Thanks to artificial intelligence, you can now be supported in this process with tools like: 

The URL address of your website page or landing page that you want people to reach when they click your ad. It’s important that your message and the landing page are synchronized and offer your clients the ideal information to buy your product or service.

Inspiration and briefing

To help you create your own ad, we will detail below the steps we followed to build a sample ad for automotive repair.  

Please make sure to use your own creative – image, logo and text. The following content should be used as inspiration only and not be copied or reproduced. 

Lead message


Lead image

Inspiration taken from We used the following image.



In this case, we used Blacked out font to create a logo. In your case, please use your logo.

Secondary message

Install while you wait 

Call to action


Color Palette

We chose these 4 colours: 

  • Ad background: #BFDCFF  
  • Ad title: #0A0A0A
  • Call to action button background: #4331CA  
  • Call to action button font: #EEEEEE 

Destination URL

Examples of landing page URLs:  

  4. ....


Video: How to build your custom Ad

Play Video

Video: How to upload your own creatives

Play Video

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