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Métro Média: a 100% Local Publisher

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Métro Média group is a leader in community media solutions

Métro Média group is a leader in community media solutions. Its 22 versions of the Métro paper efficiently and accurately deliver local news to 20 communities in Montréal and 7 in Québec. Through 2 digital platforms and 22 printed media, the group manages to create 100% local, if not hyperlocal content to attract all readers who wish to learn more about what is truly happening on their streets.

Community media still remains the most credible and sought-after platform for local news about one’s neighbourhood. “Our award-winning publications known for their reliable news inevitably encourage buying local and strengthen people’s connection to their living area”, says Marie-Josée Gravel, Sales and Marketing Director at Métro Média. “Weeklies have a true bond with their respective communities. They need to be firmly tied to the heart of a community, that’s our mission.” Métro Média

Quebec’s largest independent publisher has an unprecedented local reach among an educated and engaged millennial audience. It is only natural that they would choose the M32ads Ad Center to provide their users with an innovative and user-friendly self-service solution.

“With 24/7 access to the platform, businesses can create their true-to-brand campaign at any time”, adds Marie-Josée. “That kind of platform helps our local SMBs avoid high costs often incurred by Web giants. When business owners publish their ads through the Ad Center, they directly invest in their local economy, which is precious and rewarding.” Métro Média

Over the years, Métro Média has earned all the claiming rights to being an expert in community media. “This is why we have decided to partner with M32ads, a Montréal-based business, and we encourage our clients to do so by publishing their first campaign on the M32 platform to support local businesses”, said the Sales and Marketing Director. “For us, it means that we are able to fully leverage our digital platforms to maximize the impact of our high-quality, credible content.” Métro Média

This is a solution where everybody wins, especially in a business environment where it is important to take care of one another. M32ads provides a visual creation process that Métro Média can easily use for the benefit of the company and the community.

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