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Pelmorex Corp.: Expanding the Scope of Advertising

For over 30 years, The Weather Network & MétéoMédia have been delivering weather news and information to Canadians. They are a trusted and brand safe platform where Canadians go to get their personalized weather, when it really matters, wherever they are. In keeping with their mission to meet the needs of others, they have partnered with M32 Connect to provide a new self-service advertising platform to enable local advertisers to better direct their marketing campaigns easily and at an affordable cost.

Advertising Campaigns with ChatGPT and M32

Say goodbye to tedious and time-consuming ad campaign creation with M32 Ad-Center and ChatGPT. Our powerful AI engine and local publisher platform will help you quickly and easily create display ads for any product or service you offer. Streamline your ad campaign process and focus on what matters for your business with M32 Ad-Center and ChatGPT.”

Métro Média: a 100% Local Publisher

Métro Média group is a leader in community media solutions. Its 22 versions of the Métro paper efficiently and accurately deliver local news to 20 communities in Montréal and 7 in Québec. Through 2 digital platforms and 22 printed media, the group manages to create 100% local, if not hyperlocal content to attract all readers who wish to learn more about what is truly happening on their streets.

A Local Solution to Purchasing Ads Online

In a context where many new clients are reluctantly turning to advertising placement solutions that benefit U.S. giants, M32ads is meeting a real need, says Martin Thomas, publisher at Les Éditions Nordiques. A local and regional unwavering devotion to the newspaper chain that finds resonance on this platform.

Create Eye-Catching Online Ads

Compelling visual content is central to a successful online advertising campaign. Banner ads are a key element that should not be overlooked, as they are the first touchpoint between you and your target customers.

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